Introducing TestBench

The Eventide Project is happy to announce the release of TestBench, the principal test framework used in the Eventide stack and by the Eventide community. »

Better Component Feedback on Startup

The Eventide component runner just got a nice little update for both developers and operators of Eventide services: A service now outputs a comprehensive description of a service’s contents and the environment. »

Eventide on Rails

The Eventide Project team has started work on Eventide on Rails: an integration of Eventide and Rails that brings pub/sub, event sourcing, evented systems, and messaging to Ruby on Rails apps. Built on Message DB and the Ruby Award winning Eventide Project, Eventide on Rails blends the best of web app development and evented systems and autonomous services into a single stack. »

How to Choose Between Message DB and Kafka

Message DB and Kafka both live in the world of events and messages. While there’s considerable overlap in the things you can do with them, they’re also very different tools at their extremities. It’s the differences and specializations that inform your choice of using one versus the other. »

Build Your Own Message DB Client

The Message DB event store and message store is plain-old Postgres. Using it just means connecting via the Postgres client offered in your language of choice and executing some Postgres server functions. Having an event store in Postgres is an obvious win for teams that don’t want to run technologies intended for the most extreme degree of scale. But first you’ll need to build a basic client. »

A Few Small Updates to Message DB

Message DB was released last week after incubating for three years in the Eventide Project as its message store implementation. »

Features Coming in Eventide's v2 Timeline

The release of Eventide v2 was a hurdle of breaking changes to the message store and its supporting libraries, and the extraction of Message DB. Now that we’re past the v2 hurdle, look out for exciting new features coming to the Eventide stack. »

Announcing Message DB: Event Store and Message Store for PostgreSQL

The Eventide Project team is excited to announce Message DB: A fully-featured event store and message store implemented in PostgreSQL for pub/sub, event sourcing, and evented microservices applications. »

Announcing Eventide v2

We’re super excited to announce that Eventide v2 has been released! Eventide has been in production for five years now, and open-sourced for four years. The v2 release marks a major leap forward for the toolkit and opens the door for exiting new features coming in the v2 generation of the stack. »

Fukuoka Ruby Award for Social Impact

The Eventide Project has been recognized for Social Impact by the 2019 Fukuoka Ruby Awards. If there's one thing the Eventide community would want to be recognized for, it's indeed social impact. It's something that we are 100% committed to. To be recognized for it is more meaningful than we can say. »