Announcing Eventide v2

We’re super excited to announce that Eventide v2 has been released! Eventide has been in production for five years now, and open-sourced for four years. The v2 release marks a major leap forward for the toolkit and opens the door for exiting new features coming in the v2 generation of the stack. »

Fukuoka Ruby Award for Social Impact

The Eventide Project has been recognized for Social Impact by the 2019 Fukuoka Ruby Awards. If there's one thing the Eventide community would want to be recognized for, it's indeed social impact. It's something that we are 100% committed to. To be recognized for it is more meaningful than we can say. »

Postgres Message Store Release and Porting to NodeJS

A good sign of a technology’s vitality is the appearance of clones and ports to other platforms. It’s compelling not only to the users of its native environment, but is also attracting users from other platforms. And when those users return to their home environments, they spread the word. The Eventide Project isn’t exactly taking the tech world by storm, but it is inspiring some porting activity. And we’ve made some structural changes to the toolkit to enable this work. »

Breaking Changes in MessageStore Release

The Eventide Project has released a breaking change update to the message store library and the message store Postgres library that all users should be aware of, but that few users will be affected by. »

Eventide v2 Roadmap

The v2 generation of Eventide is on the horizon. Here are the notable changes coming: »

If at First You Don’t Succeed: Retries in Eventide Microservices

Allowing a service to terminate is the most common course of action to take when an unexpected error is encountered. The key word here is unexpected. »

Error Handling in Eventide Services

One word best sums up error handling in services: Don’t. »

Which Backend Database to Use with Eventide: Postgres or Event Store

The Eventide toolkit supports two backend database implementations of its message store: Postgres and Event Store. »

Six Great Reasons to Build Service Architectures in Ruby with Eventide

Service architectures in Ruby, you say? Certainly services can only be built in languages like Java and Go, and require elaborate messaging transport and mass-scale storage solutions that only the biggest teams and companies can afford! »

Announcing Eventide 1.0: Evented, Autonomous Microservices for Everyone!

The Eventide Project community is excited to announce the 1.0 release of Eventide: the best microservice, autonomous service, event/reactive, and event sourcing toolkit built in Ruby, and one of the best stacks available in any language! »