A Few Small Updates to Message DB

Message DB was released last week after incubating for three years in the Eventide Project as its message store implementation.

There were a number of significant changes made to the implementation in the transition from its life as Eventide’s Postgres Message Store (formerly evt-message_store-postgres-database) to its existence as a standalone project.

As existing users started getting hands-on with the new implementation and upgrading their databases to Message DB v1, a couple of bloopers were spotted.

A handful of small updates were made this week. Here are the details:

Message DB

Note: These changes also apply to the message-db Ruby Gem and the message-db NPM module.

v1.1.5 (Latest Release)

Fri Dec 20 2019

  • Changes applied to a pre-v1 message store are documented in database/update/1.0.0.md
  • The v1 update script prints out a link to the changes doc


Fri Dec 20 2019

  • The update script is deprecated in preparation of versioned update scripts
  • Update scripts are now located in database/updates
  • The update code for the v1.0.0 database is moved to database/updates/1.0.0.sh


Fri Dec 20 2019

  • The update script is corrected for its referencing of the gen_random_uuid from the message_store schema


Thu Dec 19 2019

  • The pgcrypto extension is installed into the public schema rather than the message_store schema


Wed Dec 18 2019

  • Vestigial debug output is removed from the write_message server function


Wed Dec 11 2019

  • The message_store role no longer owns the message_store schema

Message DB Ruby Gem

In addition to the changes noted above, the message-db Ruby Gem major version was incremented in response to breaking changes changes to the Ruby tools that ship with it.


Fri Dec 20 2019

  • The mdb-update-db executable is removed
  • The mdb-print-database-scripts-dir is added
  • The mdb-open-database-scripts-dir is removed


The GitHub release pages also reflect these same changes

Update User Guide

The Message DB update user guide has been updated:

And the update instructions are updated: http://docs.eventide-project.org/user-guide/message-db/update.html

Questions Answered on the Eventide Slack

For further questions, connect with the team and the community on the Eventide Slack: